Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why we're so smart

I knew this all along, but you can read the article yourself.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bert in Pakistan

ABC News reveals the whereabouts of OBL. I know, I know, then why don't we have him? Because we don't, and we won't as long as we're broadcasting his alleged location. Maybe we should tell the military -- did they get the memo? Better yet, can't we get him on a telemarketing list? His name and social to a collection agency?

Digging Jimmy Hoffa

Milford, Michigan is a busy place. They think Hoffa's there - somewhere. I'm sure the FBI knows what it's doing and all, but how do you find someone who's been dead for 30 years?

In the photo above are 95-cent Hoffa cupcakes from the Milford Baking Company. Read Nick Bunkley and Michelene Maynard's article in the NYTimes about how a Michigan town is laughing all the way to the bank - and grave.

Surprise, surprise

Sit down. I know this is going to shock you, but Madonna's new arena show is, er, offensive to Roman Catholics. Not every crooner crowns her head with thorns and perches herself on a mirrored cross, but let's be real -- it's so ten years ago. Even the equestrian bondage stuff is a throwback to the 70s Equus phenom.

Madonna is a very effective evangelist for her cause. This, I think, is the essential problem. We're jealous. Christians, on the other hand, are lousy evangelists when it comes to communicating the gospel. Our message is massaged to accommodate young people, old people, genxers, church shoppers, and other barbarians. Barbarians find barbarism attractive. Christians find christianity attractive.

A worship center in our town proclaims boldly on its sign, "God's not mad at you, no matter what." They arrive for the experience dead, and leave the same way.

Madonna wins.

Enough Christian energy

to leg-press 2000 pounds and assassinate the President of Venezuela. Pat Robertson's special protein shake formula here. PR's tsunami predictions here. Big 'ole caveat, though. You have to register on to access the recipe; then they'll have your name and everything.

Teaching Doctors to Care

by Nathan Thornburgh for Time. I don't know that it's all about teaching doctors to care. It may have more to do with an insurance-run medical system and a detached view of humanity. Our big world has walked away from the smaller community. Is the idea of knowing and caring for your neighbors so squishy and repellent?

I think it comes down to this: most people want to know, but they don't want to be known. We're gossip-hungry but uninvolved. We can't take our eyes off the beautiful and glamorous but we won't take the time to sit around a table with our family.

In the article, young docs are learning to care by making an investment in the lives of their patients. That idea was not a revelation to my pediatrician. I remember him at my bedside when I was too sick to make it to the office. That, my friends, is health care.

Honestly, it boosts your blood cells

Ah, to be a monkey in the Budapest Zoo.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

He notices

When you read stories like this, think of El Roi -- the God who sees.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Their blood cries out from the ground

Read Nat Hentoff's chilling article about the May 5 peace treaty between President al-Bashir and Darfur rebels plus Kofi Annan's admission of impotence.

I hate it when albino monks chase me through Europe

We must be thankful that the DVC gives movie critics and pundits gobs of fun stuff to write about. The two best I've read so far:

Holy Sepulchre :"A DaVinci Code" shows that conspiracy theories have no limits by Daniel Henninger for the Opinion Journal and
A 'Da Vinci Code' That Takes Longer to Watch Than Read by A. O. Scott for the NY Times.

Funny, funny.

Get out of here, curse you

is the name of Saddam Hussein's new novel -- just released in Japan. The translator says it "has a melodic clarity to it that suggests it could be adapted to the stage." He thinks it should be made into a musical and play in the U.S.

It's not autobiographical, so we don't have to post bets on who would play the big man...but Harvey Fierstein would be my choice to play the male lead.

Oh, and the cover has SH's likeness surrounded by violets. Truly.

Don't flush in Jacksonville

Flush fee? You really can tax anything...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kadafi killed my child

LA Times opinion by Daniel Cohen. He and his wife lost their daughter -- their only child -- seven-and-a-half years ago to the Libyan bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. His grief and righteous anger are palpable. His hope for justice dies with Kadafi's newfound A-list status. Click on the title to read.

All Films to All People

Christopher Noxon's article in the NYTimes explains the Hollywood strategy for the perfect summer blockbuster. As it turns out, it's rather easy to please the entire age spectrum. Children think they're adults and adults think they're children. No demographic problems here...

Reagan's speech was better

Our friend Dave (a Citadel graduate) tells us that President Reagan's address to the class of 1993 was better than General Pace's below -- and I agree. Click the title to read "Keepers of the Peace" and let me know what you think.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I wasn't going to say anything about The DaVinci Code

but I appreciated this article trying to explain its success. It's bad history. It's bad theology. It's bad fiction. So how did Dan Brown manage to sell a gagillion ghastly volumes?

According to Arthur Spiegelman, it met peoples' needs for everything they wanted in a book. Evidently, people are also looking for "alternate constructs of faith."

Click on the title. Maybe you can figure it out.

Sex Abortions Lead to...

male overload. Read the article about the implications of this practice. Female genocide indeed has consequences.

Read (or listen) to this

Click on the title to read General Peter Pace's commencement address to the 2006 graduating class of The Citadel. I'm sure there are some folks out there right now trying to figure out how to get this guy in the White House.

There's also an audio link if you'd rather not read a speech...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Appearing Before God Without a Lawyer

is the name of a splendid article in the latest issue of Modern Reformation magazine. It's written by an attorney, Craig Parton. Alack, alas, it is not available in the online addition of the magazine. You will have to find a hard copy and read it. Consider this an opportunity to subscribe to the best reformed periodical on the face of the earth. No, I'm neither an employee nor a beneficiary. MR is listed in my links, so click it -- right now.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Quechua children

There's something about children -- and puppies and kittens too, to a lesser extent. They point to something wondrous. They stir up our compassion and our desire to be and do something great -- how does that work? By the time they've grown up, the wonder vanishes.

Off to Peru

We're off to Cusco, Peru on a missions trip. We'll provide medical assistance, construction help and bible schools for children. The Andes are spectacular.Quechua children are endearing and beautiful.

So why am I worried? I don't adjust quickly to different climes and foods. I'm terrified of altitudes and altitude sickness. I don't sound like a good candidate? Well, then, I guess you'd better pray for me -- and the team.

I found myself

I googled my name to see what came up and surprise, surprise. My dad's obituary from the University of Delaware. He died a year ago -- May 13, 2005. The death notice leaves out important facts: his dedication to his family, his extraordinary work ethic, his encyclopedic sports knowledge, his love of good music and funny movies.

Big Bad Blog

Damien Howard reminds me that blogging is not a leisure sport. It never occurred to me that folks would be checking in regularly -- sorry. I must be diligent; I must post -- even if I'm not in the mood for a rant; even if I'm not feeling very clever. I'll get right to work.

Nothing like a puppy - except maybe two puppies

Jem and Scout -- my dogs. Yeah, so what the names are a weensy bit precious. But they're brother and sister, and my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. Longhaired, miniature dachshunds -- English Cream. Did Harper Lee really write that book?