Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Surprise, surprise

Sit down. I know this is going to shock you, but Madonna's new arena show is, er, offensive to Roman Catholics. Not every crooner crowns her head with thorns and perches herself on a mirrored cross, but let's be real -- it's so ten years ago. Even the equestrian bondage stuff is a throwback to the 70s Equus phenom.

Madonna is a very effective evangelist for her cause. This, I think, is the essential problem. We're jealous. Christians, on the other hand, are lousy evangelists when it comes to communicating the gospel. Our message is massaged to accommodate young people, old people, genxers, church shoppers, and other barbarians. Barbarians find barbarism attractive. Christians find christianity attractive.

A worship center in our town proclaims boldly on its sign, "God's not mad at you, no matter what." They arrive for the experience dead, and leave the same way.

Madonna wins.


Anonymous said...

Though I agree that the comment by the local worship center is off, I think to state "they arrive for the experience dead, and leave that way" is unsubstantiated at best. I agree with you that worship is for believers, but don't agree that God can't work in diverse places, even ones I would not like to attempt to worship in.

Mrs. Wingard said...

The gospel is salvation from the wrath of God. God's wrath is a fundamental doctrine of scripture (Romans 1:18 and hundreds of other places). If God's wrath is not real, then a messiah is not necessary. The quotation, as posted, is a repudiation of a truth that stands at the very heart of what the Bible teaches about God. It is, therefore, irreconcialable to biblical Christianity.

Yes, of course I believe that God works in diverse place - I'm an example of that - but it's the truth He blesses, not error.