Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Teaching Doctors to Care

by Nathan Thornburgh for Time. I don't know that it's all about teaching doctors to care. It may have more to do with an insurance-run medical system and a detached view of humanity. Our big world has walked away from the smaller community. Is the idea of knowing and caring for your neighbors so squishy and repellent?

I think it comes down to this: most people want to know, but they don't want to be known. We're gossip-hungry but uninvolved. We can't take our eyes off the beautiful and glamorous but we won't take the time to sit around a table with our family.

In the article, young docs are learning to care by making an investment in the lives of their patients. That idea was not a revelation to my pediatrician. I remember him at my bedside when I was too sick to make it to the office. That, my friends, is health care.

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ukrainiac said...

Hmmm. I might add that your CHILDREN's pediatrician also made occasional house calls!!