Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dear Anonymous: About God's Wrath...

An anonymous reader commented on the "Surprise, surprise" post that "Though I agree that the comment by the local worship center is off, I think to state "they arrive for the experience dead, and leave that way" is unsubstantiated at best. I agree with you that worship is for believers, but don't agree that God can't work in diverse places, even ones I would not like to attempt to worship in. "

The gospel is salvation from the wrath of God. God's wrath is a fundamental doctrine of scripture (Romans 1:18 and hundreds of other places). If God's wrath is not real, then a messiah is not necessary. The quotation, as posted, is a repudiation of a truth that stands at the very heart of what the Bible teaches about God. It is, therefore, irreconcilable to biblical Christianity.

Yes, of course I believe that God works in diverse places - I'm an example of that - but it's the truth He blesses, not error.

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