Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rape Law in Pakistan

Under current Hudood Ordinances, a woman must have four male Islamic eyewitnesses to bring rape charges. "If the witnesses cannot be produced, the rape victim herself can be charged with fornication, or adultery if she is already married, a crime punishable in the most stringent circumstances by death."

Read this article in the Christian Science Monitor about Pakistan's attempt to broaden rape laws. Strangely, there's a photo of women protesting against the proposed changes.

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nepalfreak said...

Having been in Pakistan and speaking with nationals there, I realize the law is CRAZY! If you have at least a couple witnesses, you can be convicted of anything or if you don't, then you're in prison or even the death penalty.

I'm thankful to be an American where it's at least supposed to be innocent until proven guilty... to bad you're charged by the laws of the country you're in.