Friday, September 01, 2006

What Abortion Looks Like

An HIV-positive woman sought an abortion at a Kolkata hospital. Doctors refused to treat her, but gave her a pill to induce delivery of the six-month baby. The following quote from the article almost sent me to the hospital: "After taking the pills, she started bleeding and the foetus started coming out. She took it out with her own hands and even cleaned the bed."

The emphasis, of course, is on the hospital's lack of compassion for not providing an abortion to a desperate, sick, pregnant woman. I am sad for this nameless, faceless mother whose introduction to her lifeless child began in a pool of blood.

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Regina said...

The article notes that the woman was "forced to perform an abortion on herself". Yet advising her to do so and supplying her with a method does not constitutes force.
More than providing her with a compassionate abortion, would they not have served her better by providing true health care for both mother and child? Her self-induced abortion was bloody and it was ugly; murder is always bloody and ugly.