Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Take your religion to work

This article reveals how Americans express their faith on the job. "Work is invading people's personal lives, so people are bringing more of their personal lives to the workplace," said Paula Brantner, director of Workplace Fairness, a Washington, D.C.-based group that promotes employee rights. "

Though it speaks of worksite bible studies, one leader says "It's not just the Bible. A lot of the books we study are just about being a good person and just being human and understanding how to relate to people," he said. "It gives you a forum to talk."

So there you have it: be a good person, be human and relate to people. What kind of influence does that kind of spirituality wield on the souls of men? Of course the article mentions that the studies are voluntary, as they should be - and no proselytizing, either. Fine. But if you're going to study the bible, you should deal with its content.

In the article, demonstrations of workplace faith mean Muslim cab drivers won't take fares that carry alcohol; Christian pharmacists won't fill birth control prescriptions.

We must remember that most religions seek to fix the evil things we do. Christianity seeks to fix the evil thing we are.

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