Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are we sick yet?

I was fine until I saw this quote on Drudge: " 'Mother Earth is a living organism and when she gets sick we get sick,' Crow told a crowd at Southern Methodist University in Dallas during her kick-off performance Monday."

So are we sick because she is sick or are we going to be sick because she is going to be sick? Has she been sick and so we've been sick?

All because Sheryl Crow is doing a global warming tour. So what if baseball games are cancelled or moved due to snowstorms, and farmers are losing crops because of the cold.

When I was a child, our national fear was the Russian threat. Now we're afraid of the weather.

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ukrainiac said...

I am SOOO glad you're back on the blogging scene. I could oh so hear you asking these questions!! I was laughing out loud.

Feelin' a touch of the flu comin' on...