Sunday, April 15, 2007


The latest whine and cheese in the church is the drippy (and please say this in your best breathy-spiritual voice): "I'm longing for worship to be...authentic."

From Carl Trueman's article "Where (or How) Is Authenticity to Be Found?"
"First, and most obvious: the psalms should have a central place in Christian worship, both privately and corporately. Martin Luther was once asked by his barber (or, as my kids would say, male hairdresser) how to improve his prayer life. Luther rushed home and wrote a wonderful little treatise on prayer (imagine that: the most significant and busy Reformer in Europe was yet so concerned for his people that he was eager to write a treatise for a barber struggling with prayer!). His primary advice in this work? Read the psalms privately, and if that does not help, go to church and listen to the psalms being sung in public worship. The psalms meet us where we are; and they take us from where we are to where we should be. That is authenticity for you."

Amen, brother. We sang Psalm 119:1-16 this morning; how 'bout you? Oh, and do yourself a favor. Read the entire article.

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