Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fruity cocktails good for you!

As John Calvin would say, "It's your lucky day."

From a Reuters blog:
"It turns out that a fruity cocktail is not only fun to drink, but may even count as health food, since adding the type of alcohol found in rum, tequila, etc. boosts the antioxidant nutrients in strawberries, blackberries and other colored fruit."

Am I looking for a research grant? Yes.

Read the whole story.


ukrainiac said...

How may I help?

Mrs. Wingard said...

Looks like I have my first research assistant! Wow, that was an easy job to fill.

ukrainiac said...

I am sorry but I think you are quoting Dirty Harry, not John Calvin. Please get your facts straight! Jim

Mrs. Wingard said...

I believe the Dirty Harry quote was "do you feel lucky today, punk?" But I could be wrong.

Damien said...

that and "go ahead. make my day."
we're glomming our movie lines.