Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great Concert

Okay, so you don't attend PCA General Assembly for the excitement, but there are perks - worship services with great preaching (R.C. Sproul tomorrow night), worship seminars (taught by Bryan Chappell) and, of course, fabulous book tables.

A nice surprise: Nathan Clark George gave a wonderful concert before tonight's worship service. A singer/songwriter who loves to put scriptures to music, he delivered a brief but memorable six-song set.

Charlie and I purchased his CD (at the aforementioned book table) so we could listen on the way home, too. Please check him out at www.nathanclarkgeorge.com.


kate said...

go to my blog June 12 and see your gorgeous son kate Howard

ukrainiac said...

You must have been in hog heaven there, Lynne. Music, books, great seminars, great worship, great preaching.

Guess you had a GREAT time, eh?

See you in just a couple of weeks!!