Monday, June 18, 2007

Liberalism gone mad

You remember the stories about Antioch College - its sexual offense prevention policies were parodied on SNL.

Please read Michael Goldfarb's fascinating article about the cannibalistic destruction of Antioch College. Once a bastion of open-minded liberalism, its insistence on change for its own sake broke the institution's back. Constant re-invention is indeed costly.

Goldfarb writes:
"Antioch College became a rump where the most illiberal trends in education became entrenched. Since it is always easier to impose a conformist ethos on a small group than a large one, as the student body dwindled, free expression and freedom of thought were crushed under the weight of ultraliberal orthodoxy. By the 1990s the breadth of challenging ideas a student might encounter at Antioch had narrowed, and the college became a place not for education, but for indoctrination."

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