Saturday, June 16, 2007


I can hardly wait for Pixar's new movie about a Remy the rat who longs to be a chef.

From the NYT:
"The story is a classic underdog tale that leans heavily on Cyrano de Bergerac. Remy, a food-obsessed rat with an exceptional sense of smell, dreams of becoming a chef. To get there, he teams up with Linguini, a clueless garbage boy at Gusteau’s, a once-great Parisian restaurant that has fallen into disarray since the death of its chef, Auguste Gusteau. Remy teaches the lowly kitchen worker to cook dishes that impress even the powerful food critic Anton Ego, who is given voice by the actor Peter O’Toole."

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Damien said...

i'm with you on looking forward to this. pixar rarely lets us down. but it sure is taking forever to bring it out (i saw a preview ages ago).

jenny said...

I agree. I saw the trailer in the movie theatre last week... it looks like fun.