Friday, July 20, 2007

Birthday present #2

The Reach of a Chef: Professional Cooks in the Age of Celebrity by Michael Ruhlman.

From the back cover:
"It's a new world: chefs are stars, Julia Child is no longer with us, and the Food Network is a nonstop, televised beacon to the food-obsessed. In The Reach of a Chef, writer Michael Ruhlman examines the profound shift in American culture that has raised restaurant cooking to the level of performance art and status of the chef to celebrity CEO. With extended forays into the country's most famous, expensive, and exclusive restaurants, Ruhlman seeks out and explains the latest trends and phenomena, including the rise of Las Vegas as the country's food Gomorrah and the explosion of culinary school courses. Get in the trenches with Thomas Keller and Masa Takayama, Grant Achatz and Melissa Kelly, Emeril Lagasse and Rachel Ray, and savor this intimate meeting with some of the most famous chefs in the kitchens of the hottest restaurants in the world."

Boy; kind of makes you tired just to read the back cover, doesn't it? Reviews as soon as I finish the books.

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