Friday, July 13, 2007

Distillery Tour

We live about an hour from the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. When folks visit us from out of town, we like to take them up for a tour. You can take a virtual tour online if you're too far away to make the trip.

Lynchburg is beautiful, and the distillery tour is excellent. The tour guides really know their stuff - and they're hilarious! You'll learn lots about sour mash, charcoal mellowing and oak barrel aging. There's also fun facts, too. Outside the distillery, the trees and buildings are black. The process throws lots of yeast in the air that covers everything with black growth. That's why moonshiners had to keep moving their stills, because the revenuers could locate the stills by the black trees.

Above is our group tour photo. They're generally taken outside in the rickyard, but the rain was heavy so they shot us inside the information center - made it easy to find the photo at least.

Dusty, our tour guide, is kneeling at the bottom left. Marianna Peipon is easy to spot in the pink raincoat, with her husband Jim in the white shirt behind her. I'm partially visible right behind them, and Charlie is the smiling guy to my right.

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ukrainiac said...

Ah fergot to look fer this pitcher online -- thanks fer postin' it. I learnt a lot -- pertickularly 'bout swallerin.

What a great tour! Highly recommend it!!