Saturday, July 14, 2007

Remy my hero!

YES! A funny, warm and delightful movie about family, giftedness and making your dreams come true.

Remy the rat is the true talent in this Cyrano-esque tale. He's a rodent with a dream: to create beautiful, delicious food that transports the diner into the Proustian realm of love and memory.

Okay, it's about a rat that cooks. But he's not just any cook -- he's an artist with a handicap (that vermin in the kitchen thing) -- yet he finds his way to greatness through talentless kitchen help. Linguine the garbage boy is a disaster in the restaurant, but circumstances make them friends, and consequently, a great team. Remy has to work around the fact that he's a rodent, and Linguine has to work around his lack of ability.

Throw in a dead chef, an evil chef, a jaded food critic, a spunky love interest and a family that just doesn't understand, and you have a great cast of characters who make it work and hit all the right notes. Oh, and the folks at Pixar have managed to make Remy absolutely adorable.

Don't miss Lifted, the great short film, either. One of the funniest I've seen!

Bon Appetit!


Damien said...

you are quite the gifted critic. amen and amen.

sienna said...

amen again.

i like this short recap. very much... you nailed it.