Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Those Zellner Girls

Olivia (left) and Emma (right) Zellner are on a mission. They are trying to raise money for their WPC Sunday School project - a fund-raising effort for Jim and Marianna Peipon of Ukraine Medical Outreach.

They will sell you a glass of lemonade and a chocolate chip cookie for 25 cents - a great deal! All of the money will benefit the AIDS Orphanage where Marianna volunteers.

Liv and Em had information and pictures to show folks as they stopped by. The girls explained to me that the babies in the pictures were sick, and they wanted to help them and tell them about Jesus.

They waved and flagged down every car and truck driving through the subdivision. At last count they had raised $40 - I know that's a lot of lemonade money, but their mom Susan explained that they had some heavy tippers.

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jenny said...

Precious Zellner girls! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you and Charlie do something special :)