Friday, August 10, 2007

Vandals apprehended, repentant, forgiven.

"Yesterday, we looked like the world." How true.

I am so thankful that I belong to a church and school that tells the truth!

Westminster Christian Academy had a wonderful Chapel today. On the heels of yesterday's vandalism came the knowledge that the perpetrators were former students - graduates of last year's class of 2007.

There were five: four pulled the prank, and one provided the key to the building. Headmaster Craig Bouvier opened with prayer, re-capped yesterday's events and introduced the former students with these thoughts:

1. Don't judge these people - we are all capable of the same and more.
2. Listen to them - do not make comments of any kind.
3. Arrangements for restitution have been made, and they are no one's business.

When they had made their public apologies, Mr. Bouvier forgave all of them on behalf of the school. Then he prayed, thanked God for them, asked for the power of the Holy Spirit to change - both the students' hearts and our own. He confessed that we were guilty of rumor and gossip, and wanted to be more like Christ.

So we all move on, trusting in Christ for forgiveness of sins and the power of the Holy Spirit to change us.

Yesterday, we looked like the world. Today we looked more like Christ. But some day, soon and very soon, we will look just like our Savior.

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Praise God.