Monday, October 08, 2007


Okay, Kate, so I've not been around much anymore. Short story: we took off for Nashville for fall break, I got sick, there was a death and a funeral, a return to work and a complete lack of posting passion.

When friends (that you see once a year) post a comment wondering on your whereabouts, perhaps it's time to come out of the cave. You'll notice that the post says October 8 - that, of course, is a lie. It's October 26th; but in the bloggin world, it can be whatever day you wish. I wish for the eighth - it was a Monday (I don't usually like to post on weekends) and I was going to chronicle my fascinating vacation for the entire world. Or my friends. Or my mother.

We arrived in Nashville on Saturday the sixth; a friend from church/school has a timeshare, and it was fabulous. Two bedrooms, whirlpool tub, outdoor/indoor pools, full kitchen, karaoke in the lobby. Good times.

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kibbe said...

I'm really glad you explained the date. I just got on to see if you were around and was confounded by the amount of entries and the dates. I'm thinking I KNOW I was here to check more recently than this! Good joke to make someone think they're losing their marbles!