Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Opry

You should go to the Opry. Charlie grew up with this, and country music is a great love of his. Clarification: he loves country, not pop country; he loves bluegrass, too. Porter Waggoner was supposed to be there as well, but fell ill before showtime.

They pack a lot into 90 minutes. In order of appearance, we saw -

Ricky Skaggs and The Whites. Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, Charlie could have listened to them all night. They talked more about the Lord than most churches do on Sunday, and of course that was all right with us.

Trent Tomlinson - looks like Steve Van Zant, sounds like country baritone. He sang the "Angel with no halo and one wing in the fire" song which was hokey but humorous.

Charlie says the difference between country music and every other genre is that bad country songs are still fun. I think he's right.

John Conley - old-timer, sang a few songs and told a lot of jokes. Still entertaining, even for those of us who didn't know him and had never heard his music.

Emerson Drive - again, didn't know them either. Put on a good show, even though they had a picture on the jumbotron of their former bass player who committed suicide. They sang a song in his memory, but it was strange to be looking at someone's very large and alive face when they died at their own hand. So sad.

Jason Aldean - looks country, sounds more rock. I coveted his band - they could play.

Of course, Little Jimmy Dickens; an opry fixture. Even I knew who he was. Told more jokes than he played, but that was fine. He was a hit with the geriatric crowd, lots of old people/memory loss/little blue pill humor.

He was wearing an unbelievable sparkling purple suit; I had to admire the guy just for that.

And then, Carrie Underwood. I had to explain to Charlie who she was. We're not pop fans, but she had a great voice, and was even prettier in person. She ended her show with "How Great Thou Art," and nailed it.

When you go, remember this: you are allowed to take still photos! No video, of course, but this was a shock to me. While the announcer was speaking before C.U. came on, people got out of their seats (you're allowed to do that, too) and rushed to the front of the stage to get her picture.

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