Friday, November 02, 2007

Be bald, be strong

Carl Trueman has done it again. Please, please read his "To Baldly Go" article for the Reformation 21 blog. He writes regularly a "Wages of Spin" column and they're always good.

But this is great. Don't try to be young again - after all, the Bible speaks to wisdom, and the blessings of age.

The opening paragraph:
"One of the strangest trends of recent years has surely been the extended adolescence of the Western male. A recent survey showed that the average age for video game players is now somewhere in the mid-30s; and the fact that trivia such as the result of a baseball match can generate passion and high blood-pressure more than the AIDS crisis in Africa, the problem of global warming, and world poverty, says something about the juvenile priorities of the most well fed, best educated, and financially comfortable generation in history. Not that enjoying sport is a bad thing; there is nothing like beating the Welsh again and again at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to set my own pulse racing and to cause my chest to swell with English pride; but, as Pascal might have said, it is one thing for such entertainment to be a little light relief from the drudge of daily life; another for it to become a major diversion which allows us to avoid the really serious realities of adult life."


kibbe said...

yeah, the opening paragraph is great and I'm going now to link to the site. thanks for sharing:)

Lynne said...

Carl Trueman is a good theologian, and the Reformation 21 site is a wonderful resource.

kibbe said...

Wow! Thanks for hooking me up to this site...In the fine words of MacDonald's goers everywhere, "I'm lovin' it!"