Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wednesday Night and the power of Skittles

I love Wednesday Night Fellowship! We share a meal together as a church family, and then we have classes: elementary kids study the childrens’ catechism, junior high studies Colossians, high school studies the Culture of the New Testament, and there are three adult class options – Genesis, Galatians, and The Heidelbeg Catechism.

The power of Skittles? A little background: my son Thomas memorized his catechism questions because he was rewarded with Skittles (thank you, Jamie Gildard). So I reward my kids with candy - yes, candy. Chocolate (my kids love dark) and sugar bombs (for Daniel) - whatever works. I am not above rewards, and after a long day there's nothing like a little piece of candy to say "well done."

I teach the fourth and fifth grade class, and I am convinced they are some of the smartest people in the church – they’re also squirmy and funny. Our curriculum is tied to the catechism, and this unit is “How Can I Know I Will Live Forever.” The idea is to instill confidence in children; not confidence in themselves, but confidence in Christ’s work on their behalf.

We begin the lessons with a simple truth: Adam and Eve are our first parents. Why is this so important? Because we need to understand the fallenness of our race; we need to understand our connection to each other as “related” and in the image of God; and we need to understand Adam and Eve’s special position.

So our class memorizes scripture (“Adam named his wife Eve because she would become the mother of all the living”) and talks about what it means to be a child of Adam. Every one in the class is a relative; we all share the curse of sin; we are all alike.

As there was a first parent, a first Adam, thankfully there is a second Adam. Our children know that He came to accomplish what the first Adam did not. I am thankful for Alyssa, Anna Katherine, Ashley, Caleb, Daniel, Jenny, Laura, Lucy, Rachel, the Rebeccas (one, two and three) and Sadie who remind me that to whom much is given, much is required.


ukrainiac said...

You know, Girlfriend, that I would love to be in your class!

Lynne said...

You would love this class. They are smart kids who make me laugh.