Monday, November 05, 2007

Winnie the weiner top dog

"One morning in August, 10 days before her owner died, Winnie the dachshund lost the use of her hind legs.

Her owner, Janet Garlick, died Sept. 6 from complications of heart-bypass surgery. She never got to see how far Winnie would come.

Winnie, an 8-year-old dachshund, waits for a treat Friday evening at her home. Winnie, who lost the use of her hind legs in August, is the winner in the Longview News-Journal's second annual Pet Star Calendar Contest.

The rehabilitation has been slow, her new owners say, but with the help of a special wheelchair for dachshunds, Winnie now can run up and down the sidewalk, stand tall for treats and even play in the grass of her front yard.

"It took her about a month to get used to it and realize how to get around," said Kathrine Linton, who inherited the dog from her grandmother. "But now she just rolls. She gets around."

Winnie is winning fans across East Texas. The 8-year-old wiener dog has wheeled herself to victory in the Longview News-Journal's second annual online Pet Star Calendar Contest. In fact, Winnie rolled over the competition, receiving 300 votes more than the second-place finisher, a mini-Australian shepherd named Red."

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