Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I often make important decisions based on fantasy. For instance, this year I ordered Parisienne Cornichon de Bourbonne. Cucumbers. French cucumbers. You pick them when they're teeny and make sour pickles. For pate. I have this vision of Charlie and I dining al fresco in the French countryside. I set a glorious feast of pate, bread, mustard, wine and...cornichons that I planted, nurtured, harvested and preserved myself!

So yes, I am planting seeds just so I can make my own tiny pickles. For pate. And I wonder if I am the only delusional gardener out there.

Oh, that goofy gadget in the corner is a cornichon slicer. I saw it on Sur la Table. Perhaps I should post a picture of my cornichon slicer. It's a knife...


Damien said...

good to see you're coming out of your winter freeze.

Lynne said...

I HATE winter...and there were snow flurries today - heaven forfend!