Monday, February 18, 2008

Covenant Reformed PCA - Asheville

One of the most difficult aspects of traveling is finding a church for Sunday worship. Even in our denomination, we've seen our share of costume-clad ministers, jumbotrons, movie clips, bad drama, silly songs and ghastly sermons. One of the worst sermons we've ever heard used a 20-minute illustration from the movie Finding Nemo. So 20 of the 30 minutes were spent talking about a cartoon that was supposed to reference the theme of community from 1 Timothy. The sermon made me long for a Pixar film!

All this to say that when we find a good church, it is time for rejoicing. If you're in Asheville, worship with the saints at Covenant Reformed PCA. In this crazy, small PCA world we saw people we knew! That was an added delight - to catch up, hear news, prayer requests - it is a blessing to be part of their lives, even if they're 300 miles away.

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