Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Dismembered Tennesseans

Boy, did we have fun last night. Charlie and I drove to Lookout Mountain to visit Thomas at Covenant College. It was Parents' Weekend, and the first time we've been able to make it. They begin with a nice dinner, and then it's across the way to the chapel for a concert.

What a treat - Charlie loves bluegrass music, and the DTs did not disappoint. He got to hear Wabash Cannonball, Tennessee Waltz AND Rocky Top. CW was so happy...

We also stayed at a great little inn called Chanticleer. It's on top of the mountain, right near Rock City. Quiet, comfortable, charming - we'll definitely stay there again.


ukrainiac said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Thomas is doing well??!

Lynne said...

Yes, we had a blast and yes, Thomas is doing well! He'll graduate May of '09 with a degree in Physics. He's also going to run cross-country again this fall. I think life on the mountain agrees with him.

By the way, you would have loved the concert, too.