Saturday, February 23, 2008

No Boundaries

Okay, I'm putting this out there. I've signed up for the Cotton Row 5K on Memorial Day. I also joined the No Boundaries training program set up by the good folks at Fleet Feet Sports. I mention it only as a public accountability tool, so when you see me, you can/must say, "So, Lynne, how's your training coming?"

Be forewarned, though. Whenever I ask Charlie to hold me accountable he winces. Because as soon as he does what I've explicitly asked him to do, I punish him for it. Then he wonders why he bothers trying to hold me accountable when what I've actually done is ask him to absorb my wrath. Of course you understand his dilemma, which will help as you pray for him.

Anyhoo, the training program. It's designed for people who want to walk, run, walk/run, crawl, conga line or shimmy their first 5K. We meet every Monday for a group run (different groups based on your level of fitness or lack thereof) and then a seminar. I'm very nervous - our first group run is Monday, March 3. Suzanne (she's in charge of the program) told me that I don't need to be nervous because we're going to have A LOT OF FUN!

So there's a picture of me, having a lot of fun.


Jennifer said...

I'm proud of you, Lynne! I expect to see you running with Jem and Scout in the neighborhood. Who knows? Keep it up and you may inspire me to sign up for the Cotton Row, too.

jenny said...

Way to go Lynne! Please start a conga line. That would be awesome.

Lynne said...

Jennifer: I don't run with dachshunds; I can't run with dachshunds. But you should do the race - I could probably keep up with you for 20 feet or so.

Jenny: I would LOVE a conga line across the finish line!

ukrainiac said...

Definitely want pictures of the conga line finish!!

I remember actually running(?) in a race in Cincinnati way back in the day. Chris was supposed to also run (she talked ME into it) but, the day before the race she got a bit too much sun on her chest and couldn't wear her over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder without excruciating pain. Oh, brother, I really really really didn't want to go it alone, but I did. And actually was surprised to not finish too poorly. Finishing was good news!

All that to say, YOU CAN DO IT!