Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tupelo Honey Cafe

Can you tell I just downloaded my photos from the Asheville trip? So this is a little tardy...

We had breakfast Saturday morning at the Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown Asheville.

I had their Smoked Salmon Hash for breakfast, and yes, I just had to take a photo. It was morning, so I would not be annoying flashbulb woman. Besides, our server said people take pictures of their food all the time - I had permission!

Isn't it gorgeous? The hash had smoked salmon, potatoes, leeks, peppers and kale. They topped it with poached eggs, dill hollandaise and sweet potato frites - how imaginative and pretty!

The restaurant was full of warmth and nice touches: high ceilings, pepper grinders on every table, honey in little confiture you were having breakfast in someone's home who really knew what they were doing. I also had the best Earl Grey tea ever - it was a brand called Mighty Leaf, which Fresh Market just started carrying (I asked), so I can have it here!


ukrainiac said...

Hmm. Poached eggs and hollandaise sound good -- but I'd prefer on an English muffin.

Lynne said...

...or a little something on a triscuit?

kibbe said...

Gosh, I'd've taken a photo too. Looks mouthwateringly good.